Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a SAWMSC practice?

When you come to a SAWMSC practice at the SASCU Recreation Centre, you will enter the lobby and sign you name on an attendance sheet. You can come in your swim suit, or use the change rooms at the pool. On the pool deck you will find a workout written on the whiteboard.

When is registration?

Registration opens in August, and our regular season starts in September.

Why do you swim?

Some of us swim to train for a competition or triathlon, others swim to improve their swimming technique and stamina. We all swim for enjoyment.

Who are Masters Swimmers?

We are adults aged 21 and over who enjoy swimming for exercise and competition.

What is Masters Swimming?

Masters Swimming is coached lap lane swimming for adults.

Where do you swim?

We swim at the Salmon Arm Recreation Centre.

Why Masters Swimming?

Swimming is a lifetime activity that can benefit everybody. Make great friends and be part if a community of fit and healthy people.