• Meghan Fair

Summer Workout #1

With Love From Coach Meghan


Scull, Kick, Moderate Effort

Warmup (800m)

2x through:

100 swim

100 pull

100 kick

100 non-fr swim

M1 (1500)

Goal: Hold 60-75% Effort

4x200@20R OR 2x400@40R

4x100@15R OR 2x200@30R

4x50 @10R OR 2x100@20R

4x25 @5R OR 2x50 @10R

M2 (600)

Focus: Scull & Feel for the water

4x50 as 25 scull-25 pull @5R

4x75 as 25 FR pull-25scull-25 BK Pull @10R

4x25 pull fast @5R

M3 (300)

Focus: Squeeze your butt

4x25 FR Kick Fast @10R

4x25 BR Kick @10R - 2 kick power, 2 kick fast

100 FR swim - kick Focus

M4 (200) Optional

200 Pull + Padz

Warmdown (200)

200 SKPS

Total: 3600m

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